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Finding Your People: The Lasting Impact of Joining a Campus Organization

Written by: Mackenzie Lewis

Whether you’re looking to join a campus organization or already involved, there’s one thing we can all agree on: college is hard. Moving to a new city and delving headfirst into a new lifestyle can be incredibly overwhelming, creating possible scenarios of anxiety, confusion, and longing for some place to call home in your new environment. While these are all difficult scenarios to work through, joining a campus organization can help ease these worries and build lasting relationships, networking opportunities, and positive self-exploration for years to come- and iCommunify just streamlined the process!

Joining a campus organization with iCommunify can create lifelong relationships, both professionally and personally. Whether it’s a social, sport, or service orientated club- iCommunify allows users to view all the available campus organizations at your school with ease. Fostering relationships with like-minded individuals can account for a realm of lifelong friendships and open the door for opportunities in the professional world as you move into your post-secondary career. Generating relationships with like-minded individuals can create lasting impact socially, bringing you out of your shell and creating the potential you need to accelerate your college experience through self-exploration and involvement. Building connections through joining a club has never been easier, and iCommunify has given the opportunity to build connections and communities through the ease of the platform. To join an organiation at your university, simply register for the website with your school email address and get to searching for the club that’s right for you!

It can be difficult to find your footing once you start your college journey. Balancing academic, social, and work life can be challenging; however, getting involved on campus can improve your college experience and ensure you get the most out of your academic years. By joining a campus organization, you can engage in campus events, meet new people, expand your life skills, and build your resume. The more involved you get, the more connections and possibilities you’ll have access to! These opportunities may not fall into your lap as easily without the joining of an on-campus club, providing you overall with a well-rounded and engaging college experience. iCommunify unlocks the potential of balancing multiple organizations with ease with the addition of our calendar invite system! Upon registration and acceptance of joining an organization, you will receive automatic calendar invites to meetings and events without having to keep track of your involvements.

Increasing your involvement within your university is also a great way to pad your resume and amplify your marketability in your professional career. On top of building professional relationships, joining a campus club is a great way to advertise to professionals that you can balance both social and academic aspects of your college career. It demonstrates that you have a knack for leadership, and many employers are searching for the skills that arise from getting involved with academic, social, and service-based organizations. Along with this, adding that you’re involved in a club related to your academic field can show professionals that you have knowledge of the career field beyond in-classroom information.

If there’s no organization on your campus that fits your interests, simply create one! iCommunify allows any registered user to create a club that will be easily advertised to anyone searching to join an organization at your university. Starting a club has never been easier, and registering with iCommunify provides the opportunity to find like-minded people on your campus to create lasting relationships and increase involvement.

iCommunify is paving the road of possibility for all college organizations. Whether you’re creating a club, searching for collaboration, or simply looking to increase your involvement- we’ve got you covered. Register with your school email to get the most out of your college experience!

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