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So, What Now? How to Successfully Market Your Student Organization

Written by: Mackenzie Lewis

Congratulations on becoming a part of a student organization on campus! There are many benefits that come with joining a campus club, including creating life-long relationships and opportunities for professional growth. However, the most important pulse of ensuring success for you and your team comes with understanding how to expand and grow both within and outside of your campus. How do you achieve success in marketing yourself and your org, you might ask? iComunify is here to help! Here are just a few steps that will promote growth, reach more prospective students, and build connections with other clubs on campus!


    1. Reach is Everything


When new students arrive on campus for the first time, many of them are searching to get involved in a community- whether it be a club, volunteer organization, Greek Life, or even finding events that are happening on campus. Yet, without proper marketing or even awareness of your organization, it can be extremely difficult to recruit new students who are unaware of the extracurricular opportunities that your school offers. iCommunify has developed a platform that allows students to see all available campus organizations, meeting times, and even streamlining membership applications- all under one roof, with one website!


Once your signup using you school email with iCommunify, you can easily add your club to the list and promote yourself throughout the site. Gone are the days of bulletin boards that can be easily missed or having to juggle between different apps and social media just to get your message across. Unlike other apps, iCommunify is a one-stop-shop for all the needs that exist in generating reach for your organization. Students can simply visit the website, register, and view all the involvement opportunities on campus- creating a streamlined communication process for prospective students to get involved with your club!


    • Collaboration


Looking to connect with or collaborate with another club on campus? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered here too. With iCommunify, you can easily connect with and reach out to other campus organizations. As long as both clubs are registered in iCommunify, you will never again have to wrangle with lengthy email chains or scrambling for phone numbers just to set up a meeting.


Why limit yourself to one campus? With iCommunify, users will have the opportunity not only will you be able to collaborate with other organizations within your school, but also connect with those in surrounding campuses as well! Once this feature is enabled, we would have introduced the opportunity for national collaboration, growing your chapter or organization outside of the campus parameters to promote community and even national involvement. Collaborations at this level can generate awareness, increase opportunities for fundraising, and even put yourself on the map so new students can already know about your club before they even begin their semester. The possibilities are endless!


    • Marketing is Key


When a student is first trying to set sites on an institution for secondary education, they often find themselves searching for defining elements that will make them feel at home in a new environment. iCommunify is the simplified way of advertising yourself at New Student Orientations, Open Houses, and University Events. By consolidating all aspects of membership and communication to a single platform, new students can easily get involved with your organization and stay up to date on meeting times, events, and all communication aspects. It can completely simplify your recruitment process and allow for higher involvement with attendance.


    • Keep it Consistent!


As a busy college student, it can be difficult to remember all the deadlines due, on top of the club commitments your members have signed up for. All iCommunify accounts will be registered with your school email address, meaning that any student that has signed up for your organization will receive calendar invites regarding meeting times, and events. These invites will give students the option to directly confirm or deny their meeting attendance at the click of a button from their calendar, proving for more accurate membership numbers and allow students to remember the meetings that they’ve registered for. These reminders can create consistency for both you and your club members, creating a more trusted and structured membership process. Many times, secondary messaging applications can be muted or disregarded. However, with iCommunify, important meeting reminders will be sent directly to their school email calendar- something that users check regularly. Our feature of easy attendance confirmation allows for more consistent readings on meeting numbers, allowing you to accurately book rooms, create catering orders, and navigate membership status without having to worry!


iCommunify is revolutionizing the student organization space, solving all the biggest problems of club management with a single website. From marketing and growth to membership retention and building connections- we’ve got you covered. Start your journey of simplifying your organization management today: https://www.icommunify.com/




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