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Stronger Together: Promoting Campus Collaboration Through Student Clubs

Written by: Mackenzie Lewis


It’s no question that an organization at your university has the power to affect the culture, life, and livelihood of campus. If one club has the potential to influence hundreds of students, why not amplify that number and bring unlimited opportunities for visibility to the table? iCommunify has created a platform that allows all registered organizations at your university to collaborate with ease, cutting the strains of complicated communication and paving the road for endless possibilities on your campus.

Each club brings different strengths and weaknesses to the table, but with collaboration, both organizations can amplify their strengths in a way that is tailored to the untapped student body. When new students are searching to get involved, putting your heads together to generate reach can be one of the most effective ways of marketing your organization. By harnessing potential, both organizations have the possibility of generating an effective reach that will increase visibility across campus and let students know “Hey, we mean business!” Broadcasting this idea will support your club reach efforts in the future, and let your word be established and trusted among your student body. Establishing legitimacy and trust is important when it comes to growing your student organization and shows your campus that your success can be backed by your goals and efforts to connect with others.

With collaboration, all organizations can create more high-profile events that markets themselves on a widespread scale- beyond the confines of campus. iCommunify is newly introducing features that allow users to connect with other affiliations of their organization on other campuses, all the way up to corporate levels. Along with this, users will soon be able to communicate with community sponsors to highlight their clubs on a widespread level and unlock potentials never seen before!

With features like these, it’s no wonder that iCommunify is changing the way that student clubs view collaboration. There is strength in numbers. By promoting successful collaboration, other organizations can be inspired to reach out and promote a welcoming environment for students to be involved in. Community is best when built through multiple contributors, creating a sense of belonging for every student and promoting inclusivity for any individual seeking to get involved. Working with another student organization to facilitate campus events can create community and unite members of clubs that may not have gotten to interact without this opportunity. Two heads are better than one; collaboration can blossom new ideas for your campus and sends a beautiful signal that your organization is willing to work together for the common goal of improving student life both on and off campus. Collaboration can issue ideas and generate a recipe for creating a culture of belonging- a factor that is undoubtedly the most important when welcoming new students to your organization.

A positive and inclusive culture can go a long way at your University, and iCommunify has created an opportunity for your organization to make sure every student has the potential to feel seen. Collaboration can make this prevalent by working alongside organizations that align with your same goals, but also branching out to other clubs that you may not typically think of collaborating with. Reaching outside of the box can expand your visibility to other, untapped areas of the student body and reach underrepresented segments of the population- making everyone feel welcome in a collaborative community.


With iCommunify, collaborating has never been a more smooth and successful process. We are here to support the growth of your organization on all fronts, or even successfully marketing your organization (see So, What Now? How to Successfully Market Your Student Organization – iCommunify #1 Best student platform for more information). Join the platform that is changing the game for campus clubs and making student leaders’ lives easier every day!