A Platform for
Student Clubs and Organizations

iCommunify makes it easy for student clubs and communities to register and manage their membership and events


Automate and streamline the membership process

Eliminates the need for manual forms and paperwork, making it easy to onboard new members and keep track of your membership data.

Seamless Event Creation

Say goodbye to the chaos of multiple platforms.

Our all-in-one solution lets you manage everything from invites to RSVPs in one place. When an event gets created, Members will get an instant calendar invite, and can reply from their calendar or by logging in to iCommunify

Shorten the application process

Streamlined application process makes it easy for students to join your club or community.

Ticketed Events, Paid Membership, Private Clubs

In the future, we will add ticketed events (selling tickets), allow users to create clubs with paid membership to join, and creating Private Clubs (By Invitation Only). This will give you more flexibility in how you manage your club or community.

Currently limited to undergrad students

We plan to open it up to All university related Communities (Alumni, Grad Students) and All non school communities in the future. If you’re a student club or community leader, Sign Up now